About Us

Local couple Dave and Sara, the owners of Bosty Fields are crazy dog people with a pack of eight setters and a blind pointer. Lifelong dog owners who are passionate about having healthy happy dogs.

“We want our dogs to be happy and healthy, and sometimes a good run without the constraints of a lead can be incredibly therapeutic for both owner and dog.”

Bosty Fields was a flat pastureland site, used for grazing horses which we have fenced off into two large fields.

WENLOCK WALK is a rectangular space which runs alongside Bosty Lane. It’s masked off with netting and fencing from its neighbouring field LINLEY LEAP which runs alongside Bosty Lane and the Linley Woods (Daw end cutting).

The adjacent Linley Woods (Daw End Cutting), now renamed as Bosty Woods, has been split in two to provide two 4 acre woodland walks, Fae and Troll, both fully secure.

They recently acquired some additional land and created two new walks, Tumbledog (3.0 acres) and Snufflewoof (5 acres) that are accessed via a new entrance in the nearby industrial estate (full details on the front page of the website) .

All walks have poop bins, poop bags and water for your dogs. We also have shelters for inclement weather.

The process for acquiring the land has been lengthy and they’ve ploughed their savings into this project to bring a local facility to their own neighbours and their dogs. Sara and Dave both work full time in addition to running this site. Four of their pack are rescue dogs from Europe and came from a feral lifestyle, which meant that recall was often difficult. Its also very difficult to train dogs with others around off lead, therefore it’s a relief to ensure that your dog will not be interfered with by other dogs during their time in the field. Dave and Sara decided they needed a local facility in the Walsall borough, after having spent many hours with their own pack in secure walking fields further afield.

“Sometimes other owners are not aware that the reason your dog is on a lead is because they are reactive, nervous or anxious, having your own slot in the field allows you to have space and time to be more dog.”

We hope you enjoy the fields as much as we anticipate and look forward to meeting you and your dogs.